Kids say the darndest things. And my kids are abnormally AWESOME.


Mommy! Daddy treats me like a dog and I actually love it.

(He means that Daddy rubs his back and scratches his head)

I’m actually a morning person at night, and a night person in the day.


He died, but at least we still have his voice.

Jackson, re: Michael Jackson

Jackson is Disneybounding his green apple Gatorade.

Jackson is Disneybounding his green apple Gatorade.

Would you rather be in a car crash, or hang out with a cactus?


Mommy: I'm going to be at school all day tomorrow, for 9 hours.

Brandon: Well it's better than 24.

Brandon: I'd do ANYTHING for them to make MarioKart 8 for 3DS!

Jackson: Would you clean your room?

It’s gonna be my dog. I’m gonna learn him to toot, and burp, and do crazy stuff.


Madonna (on the radio) : A material... A material...A material world

Brandon: I'm a Cheerio?

Brandon: What does the 4th of July represent?

Mommy: It's the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Brandon: Oh. I thought it was God's birthday or something.